Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage Truck

How full are the waste containers allowed to be?
Just below the rim of the container.

Is a permit required for the container?
Only if the container will be located on a public street.

Permit Contact Information:
City of Albuquerque Barricade Permit
Construction Coordinator
600 2nd St, 4th Floor, Suite 400
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 924-3400

When is payment due?
Upon delivery of container.

Do you offer recycling services?
Yes, we can recycle almost any type of material. Call us for more detail.

Do you take recycle?
No, we do not take any recycle. We are not a Recycle Facility. We are a hauling company.

What type of waste materials are allowed in the containers?
Dirt, rock, roofing, construction debris, asphalt, concrete, etc. It’s very important to be clear when ordering the dumpster as to what exactly will be loaded into the container so that we can explain the weight restrictions that are involved with each size container.

What type of waste materials are not allowed?
We can not accept hazardous waste such as liquid waste, medial waste, batteries, asbestos, tires, or anything to do with freon. If you are not sure about something, just give us a call.

How can I terminate my Evergreen Contract from other waste management companies?
We don’t like this contract either! Learn how to cancel the Evergreen contract by clicking here.